Welcome to Boss Bunnies NFT! Where Did It All Begin?

So you’ve heard about the adorable bunnies dropping into the NFT community and you’re thinking, “Gee, I wonder what the story is behind those Boss Bunnies?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Boss Bunnies are a collection of 10,001 collectible NFTs featuring the coolest bunny on the block — the blockchain block, that is.

The Boss Bunnies are created by HUBHUB and WUBWUB, a Canadian-based husband and wife duo who are passionate about blockchain and NFTs. HUBHUB is the big brains when it comes to ideation and development while WUBWUB has over 15 years of art experience, originating from a background in sketching and oil painting. When it comes to the Boss Bunnies, this was really a labour of love. Months were spent selecting the colour palette, perfecting the line weight, and developing the best shape of the head, ears, and shoulders. The end result? An unmistakably boss bunny that they’re proud to share with the NFT community.

Boss Bunnies NFT Rarity Chart

Boss Bunnies have over 440,000 combination traits made up of different accessories and characteristics which will only be available for Gen 1! While all Boss Bunnies are unique and special, these traits contribute to each bunny’s rarity through a point system. The rarity of the bunny will also determine the background they sit on — which bunny will you get?

Through the Boss Bunnies NFT, there is an opportunity for anyone to become a part of the Boss Bunnies community and play a part in deciding the future development, and growth of the Boss Bunnies. The benefits of owning a Boss Bunnies NFT doesn’t just stop at being able to use them for a cool profile picture. It allows holders to participate in discussions and polls to exercise their voice in the direction of Boss Bunnies going forward. Boss Bunnies owners will also have exclusive access community giveaways and more!

Be sure to join the Twitter and Discord communities and share your thoughts and ideas with others who are excited about the Boss Bunnies. We look forward to seeing you on the block!

-Boss Bunnies NFT





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Boss Bunnies NFT

Boss Bunnies NFT

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